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Garnet Birthstone Jewelry

Gemstone of the Month: Garnet, Bringing Love, Vitality, Protection, and VICTORY

Garnet has been lauded for thousands of years by warriors, royalty, and healers alike. Learn more about the supposed healing properties of Garnet.


2021 Holiday Gift Ideas: Gifts with Meaning

A carefully chosen gift has the potential to express a great deal. Let our gift guide help you make your 2021 holiday gifts even more meaningful.


A Whole-Hearted Thank You at Thanksgiving

Thank you for your support and loyalty. Thank you for shopping handmade in America. Thank you for supporting small businesses and big dreams.

Handcrafted demi fine jewelry made in USA

2021 Jewelry Trends: Gold Jewelry, a Forever Staple That’s Back in the Spotlight

What are the jewelry trends in 2021? Gold jewelry, while a forever staple, is also wonderfully on trend for 2021.