Dallas Market Center Interview

As our business continues to grow, we have found ourselves on the road more and more, reaching into territories previously unexplored. Part of that expansion has included taking Bloom to the Dallas market, meeting buyers from across the mid-west and south. After several shows in several locations, we have landed in the light-filled atrium of […]

Meet The Team

This last year, Bloom Jewelry tripled the size of our staff. And we couldn’t be happier to spend our days with these lovely ladies. So it seems fitting that we introduce you to our (expanded) team on their 1st Employee Appreciation Day in the studio. (However, everyday day is Employee Appreciation Day here- we just […]

Trip to Tucson

It’s the beginning of February, which means another (whirlwind) trip to Tucson for the largest gem show in the world.  The weather was beautiful- hello 80*- which is not always the case.  On our last day, as we headed to the airport bleary from looking at stones for 3 days, we’ll admit, a cocktail pool-side […]

Gifts $225 & Up

In our last category, we have 1 word: Diamonds. Yes, diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds. And while we feature diamonds in all our price points, if you have a few hundred dollars to spend, you can find yourself with a little extra special something. Indulge in this category with larger Diamond Studs that make our […]

Picks Under $200

Certainly the sweet spot for Bloom Jewelry, if you have $200, you can choose from A LOT and have a lot left over.  Where to start in this price range?  Changeable and versatile Toggle Necklaces starting at $126?  Wear them short, or long if you unclasp the toggle and split the chains.  Delicate Pave Necklaces […]