Bloom Jewelry Handcrafted Chokers 2021 Trends

We wouldn’t blame anyone for letting the year’s fashion news and trends take second billing to, you know, everything else. But we’d like to call out one 2021 jewelry trend we were excited to see back: chokers!

Indeed, chokers are back in full force. After gracing the virtual and actual runways of everyone from Gucci to Chloe to Moschino throughout 2020, chokers are here to take center stage this season. Statement chokers, heavy metal chokers, buckle chokers, layered chokers — eat your heart out, 1990s. There are more chokers than you ever dreamed possible!

Our chokers combine Pave Diamonds with a rainbow of gorgeous gemstones, including Turquoise, Sapphire, Pyrite, Pearl, Lapis, Labradorite, and Moonstone. Though they run the gamut from bold to delicate, they always err on the side of sophisticated. And lucky for you, there’s still time to bring one home for Valentine’s Day, whether your plan is to adorn your own neck or wrap it up as a gift for someone else! We’ve curated a few of our favorite chokers below.

Our Pave Diamond Dagger & Pyrite Strung Choker Necklace is amazingly versatile, glamorous with a silk blouse or pretty-in-punk with a favorite old band t-shirt.

Our Pave Diamond Oval & Blue Turquoise Strung Choker Necklace makes a bright, bold accent that works with almost any outfit. 

If you’re feeling really fancy, channel your inner Rose from Titanic and opt for our Star Sapphire, Pave Diamond, & Kyanite Strung Choker Necklace. While we don’t recommend tossing it off the back of a ship, we do recommend wearing it anytime and anywhere for both a dressed up or casual look.

Craving a choker you haven’t seen yet? We do custom design, too! We can work with you to create the choker of your dreams, bringing together just the right combination of diamonds, gemstones, chains, and beads. Send us a message to learn more.

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