From trending to timeless with Mother’s Day this month and bridal season around the corner, the search for the perfect gift continues. After all, who doesn’t love diamonds to dress up jeans or jewels to make your gala dress pop? With a wide range of styles for all ages, Bloom Jewelry hits that sweet spot. Lindsay Bloom Backman, founder, owner, and lead designer, started Bloom Jewelry 15 years ago and says working one-on-one with clients is her favorite part.

“We handcraft all of our jewelry in our Denver studio. We want our jewelry to be worn and loved, not just saved in a jewelry box.”

Lindsay Bloom Backman

Backman absolutely loves working with local boutiques, spas, and museums in Denver and Boulder. The studio also hosts summer parties to showcase latest collections, limited editions, and sale items; plus food and wine. Book an appointment to design something one of a kind.

-Kerrie Lee Brown
Denver Life Magazine

Denver Life Magazine Bloom Jewelry Feature From Trending to Timeless

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