Iolite Collection

As we put collections together, sometimes certain stones take us by surprise. Maybe we see them at shows, appreciate them, but never really know how they would work in a collection.  Until they just do.  Case in point: Iolite.  Not originally in our summer game plan, once we looked at Blue Lace Agate and Australian […]

Dallas Market Center Interview

As our business continues to grow, we have found ourselves on the road more and more, reaching into territories previously unexplored. Part of that expansion has included taking Bloom to the Dallas market, meeting buyers from across the mid-west and south. After several shows in several locations, we have landed in the light-filled atrium of […]

Pearl: June Birthstone

As we enjoy June’s sunshine and warmth, we figured it’s also a good time to celebrate June’s birthstone, Pearl.  Lucky for us, we loved working beautiful and unusual pearls into our spring & summer collections.  While pearls have a reputation for class and elegance, in the studio we remember that the beauty comes from something […]

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate Spring is officially here and you can feel the fever in the studio.  Our closets have made the switch and we are reaching for this season’s pastel-icious shades.  Our go-to right now?  Blue Lace Agate and everything periwinkle (looking at you, Chalcedony!).  This serene stone is known to bring joy, love and […]