Summers in the US are uniquely American. Beginning with Memorial Day and wrapping up with Labor Day, we celebrate our “Americaness” for a solid 3 month period, culminating with fireworks on the 4th of July. Barbecues, backyard pools, and beach blanket bonfires all take on a different hue during the long summer days. We can’t think of another time of the year where the Red, White & Blue feel more appropriate in every way, including our wardrobes.

We also find the time to reflect on what it means to be American, what values it brings to the table: Freedom of Speech, Equality, Hard Work & Free Enterprise, Tolerance. We were discussing this concept in the studio only the other day, and immediately thought of one of our core beliefs here at Bloom. Don’t miss Our Values on our webpage! Lapis

Which led us to the idea of how would we style “Our Values”, which is way more fun than a theoretical conversation alone! How do you accessorize “Made in the USA”? Fortunately our current collection is perfect for just such an exercise. Is there a better stone than Lapis to go with our national colors? We think not. Or how about the sparkle of White Drusy? It matches, if not downright beats, the glimmer of fire crackers in the dusk. And what do you wear to accentuate your golden glow? A stack of bangles in a range of colors and textures, of course.

White Drusy JewelrySo, on this day, as we celebrate our national independence, we declare, “America, you are indeed beautiful”….. and we pledge allegiance to Bloom jewelry being handcrafted here in this great country. We are so grateful….

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