We get this question all the time, “What are your best sellers?” While we’d love to say everything, the truth is, some are better sellers than others. The bracelets shown above have sold like crazy since we first introduced a version of them a couple years ago. As you shop the site, you’ll notice several toggle necklaces throughout the pages. They have a not-so-secret secret: they can be worn two ways. Wear them short as shown in their photos, or unfasten the toggle, split the chain, and you have a long necklace in your hands. Bloom bangles have become staples on our arms here in the studio, and based on the numbers we have sold, they have become staples for you, as well. And lastly, if pressed to choose an earring, we’d have to say Bloom hoops. Plain, adorned with stones, or wrapped in leather, our hoops are undoubtedly the best.