For February we wanted to welcome our new store, Billie.

  • How would you describe your business?
    • Billie is a contemporary women’s boutique for the modern free-spirit that features fair trade and handmade jewelry and accessories.
  • How long have you been in business?
    • Billie launched in July 2014 as a pop-up shop and online store.  The brick and mortar opened in November 2016 at 4162 Tennyson St. in the Berkley Cultural District.
  • Any secrets to successful growth?
    • We just try to provide customers with a great experience!  We want everyone to make themselves at home in the shop and provide them with quality pieces that excite them.
  • What has surprised you the most since you opened your business?
    • How much support I’ve received from other businesses in Berkley.  It is a wonderful community to live and work in!
  • What do you love the most about your job?
    • The people!  The customers, the amazing makers and companies that I have the pleasure of working with every day.
  • Do you have any tips on balancing work & family/marriage?
    • Give yourself a weekend and hire people you trust so that you can step away and give yourself a break.  Family comes first no matter what.
  • What is the one accessory you can’t live without?
    • I have a serious obsession with jewelry.  I tend to wear a lot of neutral colors so it is definitely the star of the show for me.  My favorite piece is my engagement ring though… my husband designed it and it was handmade by a maker in California.  I don’t even take it off when I shower.
  • What styling advise do you share with all your customers?
    • If you put something on and it doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, pass it up.  The most important part of styling is to be confident and true to yourself.
  • As winter has arrived, what are you looking forward to most this season?
    • Wearing my Six Crisp Days Hereford Jacket as much as possible.
  • Any upcoming vacation plans?
    • Working on it! We are trying to plan some national park trips for this summer.
  • What is your favorite vacation destination?
    • Italy. There are other places I’ve been that I absolutely love but my mom is from there so I just feel connected to the culture (and the food is amazing). The Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre are my favorite places I’ve been so far.

You can find Billie at 4162 Tennyson St, Denver, Colorado 80212. You can also find them online at

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