30 Day Break Changer August

This past June, our friend Brit of Brit Stueven PR held a free program called The Break Changer: 10-for-10 Challenge.  Energized by her two-year move to Europe and short sabbatical from her company, Brit realized she wasn’t very good at something: taking breaks from a crazy schedule and recharging her figurative batteries.  It hit a little too close to home in the studio.  As entrepreneurs and dedicated family members, we sing that tune too well.   In her brilliance in creating her initial challenge, she realized that even the most willing of us would need baby steps on this journey.  Thus the 10-for-10 Challenge:  10 mini adventures.  10 minutes a day.  10 days.  We were in!  Don’t we all have 10 minutes to spare a day?

And she didn’t disappoint!  With her thoughtful guidance, all of us here at Bloom Jewelry partook, slowed down and realized what can come from starting small.  From signing up for a new class, eating a meal solo and unfettered, stretching & exercising to daydreaming and picnicking, we were hooked and amazed at how much can be let go of in just 10 minutes.  At how far you can be recharged in a mere 10 minutes.  At how much joy you can find in 10 minutes.

So imagine our elation when we heard there was more on the horizon.  Beginning August 2, The Break Changer: 30- Day Journey will begin.  Join us, and Brit, and the Break Changer community for what is sure to be life-changing and inspiring.  We look forward to sharing with you our insights and experiences and will cherish the opportunity to hear yours.  So tell us, are you up for the challenge?

Read more on the 30-Day Journey: http://www.thebreakchanger.com/30-day-journey/

Use code TAKE10 for $10 off this already affordable adventure.

Break Changer Week Look

A peek at the weekly themes.

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